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1 Jun 2011

Sohu special planning to go abroad: 60 years witnessed the mushroom of magnificent powers
international talent Tenth China International Education Exhibition Tour
Beijing Wei Chen Hua, director of business a long time to study long study
Beijing Business Director Chen Hua Wei SOHU
Guests sitting chamber to go abroad: Chen Hua, Director of Beijing Chen Hua Wei a long time to study business New York Mets Jerseys, University of California at Berkeley in developing representative exhibition in the United States on benefit of Carnegie Mellon University
new epoch, new opportunities, new genius , Sohu fire a special outlet to go abroad a great series of 60th anniversary of the founding of maneuvering, through the br> Sohu abroad Moderator: Mr. Chen Hello, I would favor to query, this year we have Viagra on the mart for a long time in studying what kind of measures have? have anyone good newspaper for everyone?
Chen Hua Wei long ?Beijing Chen Hua, director of study in business, University of California at Berkeley in developing representative exhibition in the United States on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University?: In increase to the normal college application service, when the exhibition this year, there are two associate institutions co-exhibitors , especially in the United States exhibition of the two universities, one of Carnegie Mellon University, as well as a University of California Carlos Beltran Jersey, Berkeley, University of California, Berkeley, this is the premier time exhibitors. We all kas long asBerkeley is very high visibility , the globe five hundred colleges, which the top fifty, visibility is very high. This time we both universities, in appending to the regular school we will attempt some counsel to Chinese students to help them make an assessment, Can you eligible to enter the two universities. Meanwhile, we also brought some of these universities offered courses and the new scholarship program. I wish that through this educational exhibition for students to comprehend what China’s guiding institutions for the United States for China students to choose. University of California, Berkeley, and it has some special preparation for the domestic incumbents Senior Seminar course. This time we brought some of the courses we are all higher diploma courses Mike Schmidt Jersey, such as accounting, finance, business government are three to twelve months of the short courses. Berkeley issued after graduating from the Graduate Diploma in uniform. a lot of working folk, he has been working three to five years, and as a result of the above requirements, he felt I needed to a higher further education institutions, but also his very successful profession, he could not spend two to three years to a degree abroad, this course is suitable for them, Berkeley, the courses for serving commanders, with the monetary direction, the direction of accounting, business government direction is to apply to. Students are free to choose the three-month course, I spent three months reading an accounting graduate programs, but also inside the Berkeley university. You can also three months after achievement of , plus a three-month internship is arranged by the University all students studying in the United States enterprise, if you learn accounting, you work in the accounting counterpart of the post, you learn finance, monetary similarity in the post. catered that the University to lay, and each one hundred percent assurance train, and there is a fee. In different case, students can be selected, for example, I learned two months of the program, I academic of the course is six months, Commerce and Industry management course may have brand management, corporate strategy, and so more content. peruse two or three semesters, the final alternative of a three-month paid internship semester.’s longest course, serving staff can learn twelve months. minimum three months you can spbring an end to … a school you are most interested in a professional on it.
Sohu abroad Moderator: school year, twelve months of that person, his exercising expenses?
Chen Hua ? ],[So he is a very short, very intensive, particularly as in-service workers, alternatively in professional evolution on the collection of a decisive need for beyond studies in the theory do. There is also a University of California is particularly major Berkeley Reggie Jackson Jersey, a lot of in-service courses, one year is not long, he is not equitable the world’s maximum tradition, can also make a lot of alumni, which are very good on his future role in promoting the go. all in the idea Berkeley’s period, think it is time undergraduate and Ph.D. programs, in truth, there are short lessons for us to learn.
Sohu overseas Moderator: Tuition does?
Chen Hua ?Beijing to study long-Business Director Chen Wei China Roy Oswalt Jersey, the United States in development of the University of California, Berkeley, on behalf of the United States on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University in exhibition: With one semester of a twelve thousand dollars a semester for 3 months. students can learn along to their needs or a three-month the course of two months, the longest to learn twelve months. Finally, ask students to get the UC Berkeley Graduate Diploma. is issued along the Berkeley Unified.
this program require the applicant to have a college degree, or you have more than five years of work experience, college students can go to application. Also, have IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 79. This is the condition it was chose.
Sohu abroad Moderator: If you are expert qualifications He needs 5 years of work experience, yet institute does?
Chen Hua ?Beijing to study long-Business Director Chen Hua Wei, University of California at Berkeley in developing representative exhibition in the United States on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University?: course does not require you to have work experience after graduation can read the. at a time they have the IELTS, TOEFL language skills. We also have a university, Carnegie Mellon University, I want to give you Recommend Carnegie Mellon several interdisciplinary graduate programs. Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, its computers C.C. Sabathia Jersey, information systems and information security in these areas are the nation’s first and second. its devise, Carnegie Mellon University School of Design have a special, its artistic design, industrial design is, the top ten in the U.S.. But with these, I would like to introduce several opener with the business administration, accounting not the same course. First, the Carnegie Mellon in recent years has opened a new course shrieked the entertainment manufacture management, this course is very peerless, it is a two-semester, first year in the base of Carnegie Mellon University campus in Fort AIDS study. The next year, all students have to go to Los Angeles, Warner Brothers, Time Video, Columbia Pictures, to the kernel of the world’s fashion media companies or movie and television making company to do a year of internship. This year’s experience, the school will enough to ensure that students work three hundred hours. each hour of the hourly remuneration is ten dollars. so at fewest students in internships during the year there are three thousand dollars in inget busy work. he would practice by act side projects. So you took the same two years a graduate student in American studies. But Carnegie Mellon’s expertise to give you a year of learning opportunities, one-year internship. as well as the equivalent of a paid internship. After graduation, you can get the Carnegie Mellon University.
Sohu abroad Moderator: It is not very high threshold?
Chen Hua ?Beijing to study long-Business Director Chen Hua Wei, University of California at Berkeley in developing representative of Carnegie Mellon representatives in developing the University?: Yes, the TOEFL to 90 minutes. need GRE or G MAT students. GRE is 1200 points or more, G MAT 650 or more points. or TOEFL, or IELTS, IELTS requires is 7 points. It also has bio-technology and treatment, it is one of biotechnology, for example, biotechnology is a purely technical entity, knowledge later the expiry, may be to go to research colleges, biotechnology-related pill research, but the bio-technology and management could learn from the students Chase Utley Jersey, the future can in large chemical factories or pharmaceutical companies to do some management work. It gives more background in science and engineering students took to the future management of road punishment. and the profession It is also the College of Biological Sciences, is the prevalent media of direction and business schools. These are interdisciplinary, very new, and very good professional. Meanwhile, the Carnegie Mellon University, some of the traditional strengths of the profession, for instance, it information technology, information systems, public policy management, public narratives, etc., these are the traditional universities, there are avails of course. If students absence to apply for these courses, you can us to learn more about the conditions of admission in these institutions and set the conditions narrated to the scholarship.
Sohu abroad Moderator: scholarships how to?
Chen Hua ?Beijing to study long-Business Director Chen Hua Wei, University of California at Berkeley in developing representative of Carnegie Mellon University representatives in developing?: Carnegie Mellon University is not just set up a very complete course, but also set up scholarships fknow next to nothing ofme courses. For sample, scholarships for famous students, chiefly based on the average a crowd of students, whether your average score is very high, you scholarships for outstanding students can be.
to receive this scholarship one year may be 6000 to 15,000 dollars in tuition remission. Meanwhile, the Carnegie Mellon University, because it is a microcomputer science and engineering very well-known University, relatively speaking Nolan Ryan Jersey, there is a phenomenon, Graduate School of the University in the United States which, in particular, the way of science and engineering, girls are particularly cheap. So Carnegie Mellon University to encourage more girls to study message technology courses He set up a special women innovative scholarship. That is, if the candidate applied for their school’s message systems, information security professional, if the applicant is a woman, you can get fifteen thousand dollars per year scholarships fee remission. loyal with his reception criteria, you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship. This is a very typical scholarship is built specifically for women, especially in this calling, and they have encouraged women in common relatively small in terms of professional inside, so that women play to strengths. He also set up a community service scholarship, accustomed terms, there may be some community service, or a lot of volunteer experience, if consistent with his appraisal, you can apply for this scholarship. of course Some school principals scholarship, dean of the scholarship. a lot, if it is of amuse to students, we can evaluate his background, Wei suggested that he apply for a long time ambition be his own Carlos Quentin Jersey, and is maximum probable to get more money scholarship.
Sohu abroad Moderator: a tall proportion of scholarships you?
Chen Hua ?Beijing to study long-Business Director Chen Hua Wei, University of California at Berkeley in developing representative exhibition in the United States on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University ?: Scholarships are normally fare relaxation. fifteen thousand awards a scholarship equivalent to a half. Carnegie Mellon University’s graduate program tuition is thirty thousand dollars a year, the equivalent of fifteen thousand dollars to give you a free half of the tuition fees.
Sohu abroad Moderator: What is the success rate?
Chen Hua ?Beijing apt learn long-Business Director Chen Hua Wei, University of California at Berkeley in amplifying representative exhibition in the United States Carnegie Mellon University Representative?: First I recommend early petition. for the scholarship does not vouch one hundred percent of students receive. particular, Carnegie Mellon University, each student’s academic backgrounds to apply. Therefore, we suggest namely students apply early. University of application period namely January 10, we recommend that students have to apply apt the application ahead Dec. 10 to mail to educate. Through our long-Wei and educate relationship, we then recommend that we think it is the right human. This can be extra may aid students get a greater proportion of scholarships.
Sohu abroad Moderator: Berkeley, California Scholarship is kind of how?
Chen Hua ?Beijing to study long-Business Director Chen Hua Wei, University of California at Berkeley in Exhibition on behalf of, the United States on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University in exhibition?: California, Berkeley scholarships for international students who are very small. But graduate scholarships to Chinese students are very many. We all can get a master’s scholarship is about one hundred percent. Graduate phase, semi-normal prize, tuition-free half, is 15,000 to 20,000 greenbacks in scholarships. especially the science and engineering students.
Sohu abroad Moderator: to apply to study for these students, what do you recommend to them?
Chen Hua ?Beijing to study long-Business Director Chen Hua Wei, University of California at Berkeley in developing representative exhibition in the United States on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University?: October each year, especially opposition the United States to study application students, presently to be near to the application nodes. American University of the earliest deadline is early admission to school for undergraduate students, most American universities in the November 1 to end. So immediately are some of the busiest Middle School students, to apply for afterward year into the American university undergraduate freshman baby. now basically have to package the application materials to the end of the process to send out. If it is general admission, the general can be procrastinated to January 2010 the first or January 15 deadline. What if there is still high school students to apply for college, your school professional, all application materials if you have not already bring an end to …, the time has been very nervous. I suggest that these children or their parents repose assured that the professional can select a study abroad agency to help them complete this series of very time-consuming and have a professional learning of the inside of the application process. so for to assure that his application to transfer out. graduate school, also, Graduate School of USA University of science and engineering are generally mid-December deadline to January 1, the general conclusion was later mercantile colleges, to Feb. 1 at the latest can be. But no matter finished too early or late University, from October to next year February, all students who want to go to America to study, that is, prior to the prim closing date, the TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, GMAT both test out to watch whether their competence to manipulate the process, or need to find professional organizations to help them manipulate. must have one assessment and planning Mickey Mantle Jersey, otherwise the application will be too late next year.
Sohu abroad Moderator: Thank you very many. Wei long teaching




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