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1 Apr 2011

Premier League this season because of the weather, the teams playing in the games played mixed. Manchester City Manchester United match 3 games fewer blue moon just 1 point behind Arsenal more than 1 point behind the Red Devils two. If the product in consensus with Manchester United 44 points in 20 games the efficiency of transition, then Joe Montana Jersey, Ferguson’s team may hit 22 games when leading at Arsenal 5.

but interesting is that Arsenal are the Premiership’s maximum agreeable at the away group. In this season of 12 road games, the Gunners get 7 wins 2 losses 3 level results to get 24 points, and meant 2 points away to teams ranked first in points. In stark contrast to Manchester United, the Red Devils turned away at the 9 made 7 draws Washington Redskins Jersey, equitable to get 13 points. Far more efficient than the gunman grab points.

YORK, January 16 report:

(This article Source: NEW YORK Author: Liluntesi)whether precarious, but Samir Nasri Dez Bryant Jersey, Arsenal face Tottenham because reversal after 3 home games 2 wins and 1 attained a good record level (flat Manchester City, Chelsea win Fulham), but rather at home detriment to Newcastle before, guided to West Brom Arsenal lost a lot of points. Especially the home detriment to West Brom Garret Hartley Jersey, the team was even 3 goals behind, chasing two goals Nasri still can not even save defeat. It too shows a disability Arsenal: will not activity the leading (like a reversal of scandal by Tottenham), home to meet some of the so-called underdog softly. In contrast Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson to give the team stability is disgustful.

Nasri to Arsenal in the interpretation and away better than at home Demorrio Williams Jersey, said: Why is ordinary at home Jonathan Vilma Jersey, the French folk feel no quite comprehend Carolina Panthers Jersey, lost a goal while we 1-0, we still calculate some of namely game.

This is a curious phenomenon Champ Bailey Jersey, the gunmen away victory screening (7)> ??Manchester United (2) + Chelsea (3) + Liverpool (1) Mario Manningham Jersey, home log Greg Olsen Jersey, and only went at present as Bolton Dallas Cowboys Jersey, Stoke City ranked a class 9, and 11 games Manchester United 10 wins and 1 class of dread results, however Chelsea come down a point Anthony Munoz Jersey, yet whatever the result, 8 of 11 wins, 2 apt get family Chris Mcalister Jersey, Manchester City, Tottenham points higher than Assen satisfied.

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