Electricity traders river’s lake, the same benefit

19 Mar 2011

Someone where there is a river’s lake, a market where there is a cover-up, e-commerce is no exception. Some time ago to see pie and LaoGuo post “007 hate one let him to do e-commerce” emotionally. To tell the truth, e-commerce really toss about a person, the author also is accidentally enter, found it can make you old go has to love, ah, providence touch! Summarized in the electrical contractor, a body without seeing yourself.

There has been a lot of 2010 the world exposition, unlimited scenery by most people remember, southwest five provinces of drought, and often happen slowly faded out of the ore difficult everybody’s eyes; Movie than the tangshan earthquake seismic more like yushu real occurrence; So did cctv1 or Shared with people, like a professional managers degree as kid sou have no deceit. 2010 selling cars and clothes don’t know why suddenly choked up, has played a huge success. Bourne wars B2C in 2010 also changed a lot, each big electric business advertising sky news of flying, price war, dozen spat water start trying, but also the most obvious phenomenon is advertising barriers have been all the more big brother is taller, big pile of electric business take VC money for small electrical contractor helpless life-and-death, only focusing money, blocked outside the barriers.

2010, rich electricity traders take VC money on horses rodeos, future core competitiveness are certain scale. 2010, big electric shangdu was a word caters to charm - platform for the king. No money in the electrical contractor everywhere, borrow, even financing everywhere in sufficient funds, usury prepare gets a chain. In 2010, after the habit over for a long time after the brick also know here’s a XiaPa generation fish edition’s summary emperor.

First said the royal river under alibaba, river, the body in lakes. But as of Dragons, peremptory toward electricity traders ecological environment goal, big taobao strategy will change the future of e-commerce in five years on taobao e-commerce retail giant status will not change, the status of market doesn’t change, only accounted for more than a little drops, this undoubtedly,. Consumer buys view would treat slowly change, experienced non-mainstream crowd buy non-mainstream products to the mainstream population mainstream product to buy buy a mainstream product, mainstream crowd today’s consumers have undergone a sea change by cheap to quality, brand, so future again to battle the brands will happen, 2011 will open ZhiLiangZhan era. Clean out treasure Taobao’s future will also returns uncut jade to return mart era from.

Ps: and former colleagues chat, ask their reputation nets now profit? The answer is still received for making profits: we do not purpose, we are to do with a sense of mission. Have to say ali values have invulnerable, they are still too simple, sometimes naive very happiness.

Every guest, often and every guest friend chat, found that almost all have all the guests have pride and hide inside the self-confidence. The pace of all guest followed PPG, but not in stepping following its lead, because old know when this go, whatever road PPG go isn’t really sense of e-commerce. Every guest send force in the second half of 2010, old chose and when to defeat his sell melatonin madman strategy, crazy advertising, short time and excellent market share the same. Old won’t worry about money, he has enough ability get VC who spend not only money. Many people are questioning their is 20 billion or 15 million, much is somebody else’s business, brick not interested. Every guest will become clothing industry B2C boss indubitability, I also not interested. My interests point is all the way after vanished where guests? A popular fashionable circle to a lot of people, everybody used to buy, but every guest brand of premium ability really not much to ascend, like great original dragons, rely on free after beating ebay find profits by his road to ruin, also quietly good taobao is platform, there is enough space to game. Every guest? His small profit even after the enclosure soon do, divergency brand route? That is not tell consumers my cheap quality not expensive? May consumers won’t think so many, but consumer but more and more captious.

Ps: and every guest friend a bet, they say this year every guest (not V +) plan is 100 million, I bet 60 billion, lost please to have a meal, sincerely hope to send out the meal. Every guest, and the end, the second or taobao outside PPG.

And 360BUY friend chat, found jingdong people had their own unique flow of qi: low-key in reveal solid, modest with murderous look in. About jingdong, very tricky LiuJiangDong why and LiGuoQing quarrelling, the price war actually to both sides, no benefits are now su ning and gome send force, you which come efforts to sell books? The book itself already large, supplier barriers to such barriers, the SKU barriers are difficult to overcome. But surprised, because the development speed of the jingdong not believing 3c industry are before the WEB, think of e-commerce development mature degree is insufficient to support higher guest unit price. But later as the industry’s mature, online 3c will increasingly be most people accept, cake is very big, don’t to and others for a similar others eat the cake lost your plate. Jingdong logistics is to force, really reach the designated position, exchanged door-to-door service, put the goods returned to the goods and inventory damage to indiana Jones inside the same water start selling wind, slowly building 3C trade barriers. Ambition is more than that, everyone look looking to platform, to enhance customer of the shopping experience and use of its resources additional earn a little extra, heads the way with amazon to walk again. A differentiation market as the dominant thus promote comprehensive market, to the supply chain and logistics chain after high standards and information chain, is not a little money to play up. There is ??? high repeat customers jingdong, I a Shanghai friends tell me in Shanghai most people buy 3C all go jingdong, this is their advantage. Jingdong mainly by word-of-mouth marketing, the estimated 11 years to send force promotion.

PS: jingdong pr doing unsatisfactory, public relations than advertising to brand push more powerful, should grab it, strong east grow still line, more show up someplace it. And dangdang dozen books fairly rational price, if and newsletter and new egg price war would be a little 2 flavor, powerful in the east should know.

Dangdang network, besides the things listed National Day is more active outside, and almost very low-key. Dangdang network comrade almost never done exchanges, always in or shine looking at, just looking at, dangdang for mine feeling is firm, don’t worry about steady catch firm dozen. Dangdang network in books on the industry giant position is difficult to shake, 10 years time to form a day or two books barriers not to cross. In excellence body dangdang learned a lot, the strong technical support ability copycat and form very powerful BI ability. Dangdang online after entering the city at all, but after eyeball, listed the thing would be many, consider to shareholders, to return to satisfy shareholders, the expectations, so a lot more developed virtually chains, want ramping up is difficult, estimates that want to do the B2C eldest brother is unlikely. But dangdang very firm, foundations, slowly put others deep boil dead may have an opportunity?

PS: National Day and strong east is a pair of joy, but National Day unexpectedly rivalry and the strong east dozen have a book price war, feeling a little intoxication has no. National Day should go and strong east dozen 3C price war, see strong east 2 no. 2).




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